A Ding-type dish with moulded decoration – Song Dynasty

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This shallow dish has gently rounded sides and is moulded on the interior with two phoenix birds in flight among flowers. It is covered overall with a clear glaze of warm yellowish tone, except for the mouth rim which is bound in metal. Dishes with similar moulded motif were produced in the Ding kilns in 12th/13th century. This dish was probably made in Hebei, but not necessarily in the Ding kilns. Body is not as hard as the standard Ding ware, and clay is less pure.


Period: Jin dynasty (1115-1234)

Size: Dia. 18.2 cm, height 3.8 cm

Condition: Good condition, wear and firing impurites, no visible cracks or repairs.

Provenance: From the collection Johanne Huitfeldt (1932-2023) who was a well-known Norwegian art historian and curator at the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. She took a special interest in East Asian Art, and it was due to her that the museum in Oslo got a permanent exhibition of East Asian art and crafts in 1983.

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