A Jian-type conical iron-brown teabowl – Song Dynasty

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The bowl has a conical shape and is relatively thickly potted in a dark brown clay. It is covered overall in a dark reddish “teadust” glaze stopping short of the foot. It was probably produced in Fujian province. The dark iron rich clay is a common feature in products from kilns in the Jianyang district, so that area would be a possible origin if this bowl.


Period: Song dynasty (960-1279)

Size: Dia. 12.1 cm, height 5.1 cm

Condition: Good condition, minor wear, a few large scratches on the inner wall, a section of the rim with glaze degradation, minor chip to the rim, no visible cracks or repairs.

Provenance: From a private Swedish collection

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References: A comparable bowl with dark reddish glaze was excavated in Jianyang district, Fujian and is illustrated in in The specimens of ancient Chinese kilns in the collection of the Palace Museum - Fujian Volume 1, Feng Xiaoqi, The forbidden city publishing house, 2015. No 204.