A large Yaozhou teabowl of conical shape – Northern Song Dynasty

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This thinly potted bowl of conical shape is covered overall with a lustrous green glaze of olive tone. It is supported on a short, neatly cut foot.


Period: Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD)

Size: Height 4.8 cm, diameter 13.5 cm

Condition: Excellent condition, light surface scratches and small firing flaws.

Provenance: From a Swedish private collection

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References: A very similar bowl was found in the tomb of the Princess of State Chen, Inner Mongolia, which could be dated to the seventh year of Kaitai (1018). It is illustrated in “Dated ceramics of Song, Liao, and Jin Periods”, LIUTAO, Cultural Relics Publishing House, Beijing, 2004, pl. 2-3.

For another similar bowl, see,”Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection”, Bo Gyllensvard, Stockholm, 1964, pl. 116.