A Qingbai water dropper - Yuan Dynasty - SOLD

This water dropper, or small ewer, has a lobed shape with an elongated dragon moulded as the handle. It is covered in pale blue, lightly crackled glaze. It was probably made in a Jingdezhen kiln. The design is very clever using the principle of connecting device. To fill it up, the vessel is turned upside down and water/wine is filled through the hole in the base. Once turned right again, the liquid can be poured through the spout. This design is sometimes referred to as a “backflow” pot.

Period: Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

Size: Height 10.7 cm

Condition: Good condition, minor wear and baking flaws, professional repair to the spout where it joins the body, possible repair to the top knob (shows fluorescence under UV light).

Provenance: From a Swedish private collection.

SKU: 39

References: There is a “backflow” vessel of slightly different shape, also with a dragon handle, in the Palace Museum illustrated in “Porcelains of Yuan Dynasty Collected by the Palace Museum I, The Forbidden City Publishing House, 2016, Plate 1.

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