A small blue and white waterplant cup – Ming Dynasty

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This cup is thinly potted and fired in a relatively low temperature. It is decorated with a waterplant pattern together with four characters on the outside, and one in the well. The character appears to be the Sanskrit seed syllable “a” and is associated with the Buddhist deity Fugen/Fuxian. It is quite often seen in art decoration during the Ming dynasty.


Period: Ming Dynasty, Chenghua-Zhengde (1445-1521)

Size: Height 4.5 cm, diameter 4.6 cm

Condition: Good condition, there is a tiny nibble to the rim (see last two pictures)

Provenance: From a private collection brought together by a Swedish Connoisseur of Art. Making a career first at SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooporation Agency) and then later, he had a long career with the United Nations where he came to work mostly in Sweden, Iran, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and New York for close to 30 years.

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