A small Fujian Tenmoku bowl – Song/Yuan Dynasty

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This relatively small tea bowl is covered in a thick dark-brown glaze except for parts of the outer body and base, where the light grey/buff clay can be seen. The most famous kilns producing these bowls were located in Jianyang district and fired tea bowls for the imperial court. This bowl, however, was most probably produced by another Fujian kiln. Comparable bowls were found in the Ding Hai Bai Jiao wreck in the 1980s, which were attributed to kilns in Fuqing City south of Fuzhou.


Period: Southern Song–Yuan dynasty (13th-14th Century)

Size: Diameter 9.8 cm, height 4.5 cm

Condition: Good condition, wear and firing flaws, small chip to the foot ring, small repair to the rim

Provenance: From a Swedish private collection

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References: Similar bowls have been excavated from kilns in Minhou County and Fuqing City, Fujian province. For illustrations see The specimens of ancient Chinese kilns in the collection of the Palace Museum - Fujian Volume 2, Feng Xiaoqi, The forbidden city publishing house, 2015, No 695-698 and 712-717.