A Thai Sawankhalok water dropper in the shape of hunchback

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This figure has the form of a crouching hunchback woman, supporting on her right shoulder a jar and in her left hand a fan. The smiling face tilted slightly and looking up. Brown and white glazes pick up the incised and applied detail on the figure’s face and body. The exposed body is grey to pinkish-grey. A custom fitted box accompanies this figure.


Period: 15th-16th Century

Size: Height 7 cm

Condition: Good condition, wear related to age, repairs to spout and throat (shows fluorescence under UV light)

Provenance: From a private collection brought together by a Swedish Connoisseur of Art. Making a career first at SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooporation Agency) and then later, he had a long career with the United Nations where he came to work mostly in Sweden, Iran, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and New York for close to 30 years.

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References: There is a comparable figure in the Freer Gallery of Art Collection, attributed to Pa Yang kilns, Sukhothai province.

A similar water dropper was sold by Christies, London in 2007