A white lobed jar from northern China – 10th Century - SOLD

The jar has a compressed globular body divided into ten lobes. It is covered in a transparent glaze, both on the outside and inside. The hard and porcelaneous body is greyish white. This shape is known from several northern kiln systems. Similar jars were found on Cirebon shipwreck, which were first thought to be from Ding kilns. However, according to recent research, the white wares on Cirebon probably came from kilns in various regions, for example Jingxian in Anhui.


Period: Five Dynasties/Northern Song – 10th Century

Size: Height 11 cm, dia. at the widest place ca 15 cm

Condition: Very good condition, wear, minor firing flaws, some grit attached to the outside footring, small chips to the footring. No visible cracks or repairs.

Provenance: From a Swedish private collection

SKU: 60

References: Very similar jars were found on the Cirebon shipwreck. There is a comparable jar, but without lobes, attributed to the Ding kilns, in the Carl Kempe collection which is illustrated in Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection”, Bo Gyllensvard, Stockholm, 1964, pl. 395.

Another similar jar, but of higher quality, was sold by Sothebys, Hongkong in 2018.

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